Private Military Contractors

Private Military Contractors

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Our training classes are formed from a global perspective on terror, warfare and security. We take the best trainers, technique and tact and give it all to you. for you.


The training you will receive here is all founded on teamwork. Together we are unbreakable, apart is not an option. Join the CRTM, a training class or contact us to get connected.


Condottieri is driven by leaders in military security: air, land, sea.. intel, ops, marksmanship, leadership. Sign up today to grow exponentially in your personal strength. You will driven past normal.


Bottom line. We keep the crosshairs up, focus to the front, security all around. We don't mess with with the idea of being just trainers- we prepare for battle. You know its coming- what will you do about it?!

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The Latest in Global Security. Condottieri Style.

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